Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding the Right Pet for You

There is a pet out there that can fit every one's needs. Whether you live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets or you are allergic, it is all about finding the right pet for you. Or maybe you have always wanted a pet but didn’t think you could. Well, think again. There are so many different types of pets out there that it can be possible to find just the right one.

If you are allergic, a hypoallergenic dog breed is the right choice for you. This means the pet is “low allergy”, since no dog can actually be completely allergy free. Each person’s allergies are unique so this

option may not work for everyone. There are some breeds of dogs and cats that shed less fur than others, so picking the right breed can make all the difference.

No dog lover wants to see the sign “No Pets Allowed” in front of their apartment complex. For situations like that, little caged animals are the right fit for your household. Now, it may not be the same as a big

fluffy dog, but at least it is still a pet. Some people would just say to ignore the rules, but I have heard of too many situations where people have gotten caught and then you have to try to find a new home
for your pet.
The same goes for dorm rooms, where dogs and cats are not allowed. In this situation, a fish, hamster, or guinea pig would be perfect (You can do something creative like name your fish “Dog”).

If you travel a lot or are gone all day, a dog may not be the right pet for you. A cat would be a better choice. They don’t require as much attention during the day and don’t need to go outside every couple

hours. If you live in an apartment with no backyard, a big dog may not be the best option. A smaller caged animal such as a bird, guinea pig, or reptile is more appropriate for that type of environment.

Everyone is in a different situation, but it is all about finding the right pet for you and your type of household. From dogs and cats to snakes and hamsters, there is a big assortment to pick from. 

Nicole Ives is the content writer for HireAHelper.com - a marketplace for movers.

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