Sunday, January 2, 2011

Train Your Doggy

There may be situations when you call your pet dog here and the dog goes away. If you do this action in front of your friends, then you will be ashamed. At that time you will have enough angry to even kill it. This misbehavior is due to lack of training in pets. They can be trained so that they respond to your commands and obey them. Various types of training programs for pets are available. Almost of the dogs love to play. But some of them will be lazy. So for such dogs we should give sufficient doggy training. For this we can make use of the motivational factors like food or something else. The same method can be adopted for giving commands and make them obey.
One is reward doggy training which is somewhat positive reinforcement training. It can be done by giving a command to your pet and giving a reward, if he does it well. An example is the clicker exercise. Dog will performs better and when he hears the clicker sound he understands that he has done the right thing. For giving clicker training, a reward should be given at the end of the action dog perform.
This makes the doggy attracted to the clicker sound and he likes to hear it more and more. Later, food or snacks can be avoided and clicker's sound alone will does the job. Instead of clicker sound you can give voice commands for doggy training. Thus it will begin to respond and obey to your commands. Therefore reward training is an important aspect of dog training. It can be used in any kinds of puppies. If you are providing the best treats, then puppy will spend more time to learn lessons.

Another training method which can brings some fun is the agility training. All dogs like this kind of training. But huge dogs are not preferred for this kind of training. You will become pleased with the discipline that dogs show to you when you are giving training. This training is based on some sequence of actions. It includes making the dog to follow some actions after the other. It may be moving dog through a tunnel and then jumping over the wall or like that.

Master gives least commands and makes the dog to perform the action. This type of doggy training is best suited to make some relationship between master and the dog. This is because, when master give command, dog follows it hearing the vocal sound of the master. It makes these dogs obey able to master's vocal commands.

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