Monday, July 26, 2010

The Beausejour Dog

Riviera Dogs has featured Boutchette, the Bassett Hound before. Last August she was 6 months old - the resident Beausejour dog - and sitting in the sunshine. Do click to see a better photo than today's because after endless heat and sun, it clouded over and even rained about three drops, but I'm not complaining other than lack of light in photos.

Today she is sitting outside the Beausejour, the great restaurant in Gorbio village and what she doesn't know is that tomorrow she gets a new sister - a miniature shih-tzu.

If you wonder what is on the paving stones behind her, well it's hopscotch - French hopscotch - bright colours and not a child goes by without hop, skipping and jumping on it.

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